Body Program

Body Program

The Issue:

In Uganda, 54% of women between 20 and 24 were married by 18, and 12% are married by age 15. In the districts of Kabale, Rubanda, Kaseese , Rukiga, Rubanda and Mbarara (Western) Uganda, parents marry off their daughters for money and gifts.

Child marriage effectively ends a girl’s childhood, curtails her education, increases her risk of domestic violence, and increases early and risky pregnancies. Her lack of education and economic opportunities also mean that her family is more likely to be poor and unhealthy How will this project solve this problem? Families will understand the risks and negative impacts of child marriage through training, community dialogues and distribution of learning materials. Local leaders will be assisted to develop action plans to prevent child marriages, Equip girls’ parents with income generating skills and provide them with incentives to keep girls in school, such as one goat for every vulnerable girl’s family. Providing girls with scholastic materials and sanitary towels to keep them in school.

Goal: Eradicate the harmful practice of child marriage through raising awareness, changing behaviour and empowering communities with the knowledge and tools needed to resist child marriage. Promote the effective implementation of strong laws and policies with a bearing on children especially the girl child and promote the fulfillment of their human rights. Develop and implement human developmental activities such as capacity building and entrepreneurial programs that would mitigate the effects.

Program Goal:

The program will delay marriage for at least 3000 girls, help Government develop supportive policies and allocate resources to increase health, education and economic opportunities for married girls and girls at risk of early marriage. Girls are increasingly aware of their rights, increased knowledge on the dangers of child marriage, young people empowered from the capacity building and entrepreneurship offered hence reducing poverty.

The Body Ministry program’s concentration on income generating skills will eventually provide:

  • Health insurance and savings & credit programs
  • Women’s business cooperatives & skills training
  • Water, hygiene and sanitation initiatives
  • Prevention of gender based violence and child abuse
  • Engaging children in play, reading, social games, and sports.

A child sponsorship program allows children to benefit from education, and a disability program has broken down bias & barriers to children & families living with disabilities

Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7