It is always a great pleasure to show visitors around Little Angels Aid Ministry and to see a ministry humming with activity and a lively enthusiasm for learning. Our children are welcoming, happy, confident and fully at ease with themselves and I have an enormous sense of pride in our children’s ministry.

The culture of innovation and skills-sharing amongst our staff means the needy children receive high-quality teaching, which is carefully geared to their ability and they are encouraged to progress with confidence. Firm, secure foundations are built and initiative and independent thinking are fostered.

Within the secure, nurturing environment that Little Angels Aid Ministry strives to establish, each child is encouraged and motivated to build a strong set of personal values, to discover and develop fully her talents, and to display a sense of responsibility to those around her, both in Little Angels Aid Ministry and in the wider world. ‘Educating the whole person’, an ‘all-round education’, call it what you will, is something about which we are passionate. The heart is as important as the mind.

Little Angels Aid Ministry finds itself at the forefront of children’s independent education in its broadest sense – nurturing and developing young hearts and minds, valuing each child’s contribution and successes and delivering the highest academic standards.

Little Angels Aid Ministry is a virgin land of academic gigantism, a desert of academic dwarfs, a forest of fanatics devoted Christians, nursery bed of hope and teamwork, a seedbed of self-reliance, home out of homes and granary of future prominent leaders, shelter of all rationalizers, ambassador of economic boom, permanent store of culture and an Ideal solution of failures whose: climate favors academic excellence, PH scale discourages moral decay, temperature boots vigorous growth of talents, outstanding performance is perennial and where: it’s seeds are too viable to be grown in poor soils competitive world of survival, canopy suppresses the growth of other children in the world ,production are winners not quitters and position is the only one in a million.

We recognize the importance of a partnership approach, and feedback and communication between visitors, home and ministry is encouraged. We want our Orphans to be happy, motivated and to succeed. I hope that our website gives you a gateway to Little Angels Aid Ministry and look forward to meeting you on a visit where you can breathe and experience our special atmosphere.

Thank you

Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7