Construction Projects

Up until now, we have rented the land and building used for our school. We need to purchase & have our own land is that we can raise chickens, goats and pigs for food and additional funding for the school.

Also, we had to purchase the rights to let another school let our children graduating to public High School take the mandatory entrance tests under their license because in Uganda, if you don’t own land your school is not recognized as an official school.

So now that we need our own land, we need to construct our own school buildings that will consist of:

  • Three classes of Kindergarten: Baby class, Middle class and Top class.
  • Grade One up to Grade Seven.
  • A staff room and Head teacher’s office.
  • A dining hall/ chapel room.
  • Kitchen/ stores
  • A Library
  • Toilet/ Latrine facilities

The costs for the construction projects are:

  • Land purchase US$620,000
  • Construction of temporary school building until we can raise funds to build permanent school US$40,000
  • Construction of permanent concrete school building US$300,000
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