Hope Uganda

HOPE stands for Health, Opportunity, Prosperity and Empowerment.

Hope Uganda

HOPE stands for Health, Opportunity, Prosperity and Empowerment. We aim to help Ugandan women achieve, increase and sustain these crucial elements in their society so that they can live successful and fulfilling lives. We are seeking funding and voluntary assistance to provide classroom and living facilities to commence a girl children single school in southwestern Uganda.


Our mission is to support girls through educational empowerment, prevention of child rights abuses, rehabilitation of abused girls and the promotion of girls’ talents. Today, Little Angels Aid Ministry reaches thousands of girls with our programs.


  • A disproportionate number of girls do
  • Not receive secondary education in Uganda
  • According to the UN, economies in the developing world grow by 3% for every 10% increase in the number of women that receive secondary education
  • Educated women are more likely to in turn educate those around them
  • Educating females increases crop yields & income per capita, and lowers HIV infection rates for the whole community


The true worth of a notion has been measured by BYOMUGABE JOHNBOSCO Founder and CEO- Little Angels Aid Ministry

We have created 7 programs that are unique to Hope Uganda of Little Angels Aid Ministry in order to support girls to become empowered community members and citizens. These programs are run through the Girl Child Empowerment Club model with the end goal of supporting girls’ confidence, knowledge, and abilities to be leaders and advocates

Our activities are executed by a team of dedicated individuals with experience from similar interventions around the world. Our programs are also supported by partners who believe in improving the lives of the girl child in Uganda.

Little Angels Aid Ministry provides avenues for the girl child to create her own future by maximizing her full potential. When a girl is denied basic knowledge and confidence in her abilities, she is more vulnerable to poverty, hunger, violence, abuse, exploitation, forced and early marriage and HIV/AIDS.

Our experience with girls have enhanced our understanding of this truth and expanded our ability to navigate the complex interaction of exploitation, vulnerability, and girls’ lives. Little Angels Aid Ministry implements its programs through empowerment clubs. We currently run three programs: Opportunity Program, Girls at Risk Program, and Women Role Models Program – each designed to allow girls to directly manage their own lives and improve their communities, nation, and world!


Little Angels Ministry Uganda commenced the program with the objective of helping young girls understand how they can leverage social media in raising their issues while creating prevention strategies ...


Little Angels Ministry Uganda operates through the establishment of Voice Program, a unique approach to engaging and reaching out to girls that allows the agency to impact a large number of girls ...


The Sanctuary Program is designed to offer relief and support services to girls who have experienced emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. We provide individual and group counseling, emergency ...


The Opportunity Program provides VSLAs training, start-up kits, and micro-loans to girls who have no means to earn a living. Clubs maintain 100% of the management of their VSLAs. All clubs are ...


The Mind Program combines concepts of corporate social responsibility, community service, and youth empowerment by focusing on engaging women leaders to give back to youth through the investment ...


The eye program is initiated by Little Angels Ministry Uganda to fight child marriage .Child marriage is a health and human rights issue, especially for girls and women in the developing ...


In Uganda, 54% of women between 20 and 24 were married by 18, and 12% are married by age 15. In the districts of Kabale, Rubanda, Kaseese , Rukiga, Rubanda and Mbarara (Western) Uganda ...

Little Angels Aid Ministry started gradually and has reached out to over 5,000 girls in its work. Some of Little Angels Aid Ministry’s first members and beneficiaries are now enrolled at university level pursuing different degree programs.

Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7