Little Angels Safaris Limited

Environmentally- and Community-focused

Little Angels Safaris Limited is a sustainable eco-tourism resort focusing on raising awareness and promoting protection of the environment. The ecotourism evolved in response to the needs of the people of Lake Bunyonyi and the entire nation. Little Angels Safaris Limited is one arm of a locally managed non-profit organization called the Little Angels Ministry Uganda. Profits from the safaris assist local communities around the lake and the entire nation through activities like agro-forestry, small livestock distribution, craft co-ops, and hospitality internships for local college students.  Your enjoyable Tour and Travel with Little Angels Safaris Limited directly helps the local communities!

If you are planning to do a safari in Uganda; or you know about a team planning on doing one, then refer them to our own tour and travel company Little Angels Safaris Limited; as this is one way you are supporting the foundation activities. Little Angels Safaris Limited was established as sustainability to Little Angels Ministry Uganda Foundation. Therefore your support towards the safaris automatically renders support to the foundation.

What We Do

Little Angels Safaris Limited, we custom design a trip to meet our client’s interests. If you have an extension to an existing trip in mind, need to travel with a private group, or if your schedule requires specific dates that we presently do not offer, we will find a way and be glad to make it happen.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that our Eco Systems have been kept well. To receive all of our clients in the same way, we would like to be received and solve any problem our clients are having. We feel we have an outstanding company with an excellent reputation; offering much and more of what there is to see and do in Uganda and Rwanda bush on a wildlife safari.

Our indigenous tour agency is fully registered and licensed in Uganda; with the goal of supporting our nonprofit organization that is dedicated to rescuing and empowering orphans through Little Angels Ministry Uganda Foundation.

Our Experience

Little Angels Safaris Limited has gained experience in the safari business. We organize tailor-made safaris in Uganda and Rwanda based on our client’s budget, Interests and time. Therefore we always ensure to provide the best to the clients while on their safaris. Our years of experience and knowledge as the leading safari tours operator in Uganda and Rwanda guarantees you of an experience you can always remember in a life time. Safety, efficiency, passion and reliability these have earned us the reputation for being one of the most-valued and reliable outfit operators in Uganda and Rwanda. We’re persuaded you’ll go home from your Uganda or Rwanda safari with a totally different perspective.

Our Main Objectives

  • To manage all the travel requirements of the companies while providing ease and sort of convenience to the customers.
  • To add value to the travel sector of different companies.
  • To offer the traveling services at very reasonable prices.

Bee Keeping

Our bee keeping projects will give people the chance to create their own produce and increase their family income.

This project was started in 2016 at Kabale. Two young men were trained at Kabale where they learnt all about Bee Keeping and how to make and maintain hives.

After some initial difficulties getting the bees to stay in their new hives, some colonies were established and the first harvest was in 2017.Whilst we were disappointed with the yield not all the hives were colonised and in 2018 our aim was to build the bee colonies and keep the bees in their new homes!

We hope that we will be able to focus more on this project with the intention of progressing to honey production and candle making and sell the products in our craft shops.

Women’s Craft Co-operatives

Our women’s craft cooperative meets weekly on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi and other ministry centres for sewing lessons, to practice new techniques, and to work on different craft projects.

We have a small handicraft shop set up in our restaurant and all proceeds go directly to the crafters. We sell a variety of products made locally, from hand woven baskets and hats, wood carvings, quilts, tablecloths, dresses, purses, bags, and laptop cases. It’s a great place to shop for yourself or to bring a unique gift home to your family and friends!

Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7