Medical/ Nurse/AHPs Intern

Program Base Volunteers


Position title: Medical/ Nurse/AHPs Intern

Reports to: Supervisor at host institution, Little Angels Ministry Uganda Program Coordinator or Projects Officer

Schedule: Full-time, M–F (08am-04pm)

Location: 1) Habuhinga HC11.  Bubare Health Centre I11, kishanje Health Centre111

Duration: Minimum 3 weeks- Maximum 6 months

General Information

Little Angels Ministry Uganda is partnered with the above centers, and provides support services to patients. These health facilities are found in hard to reach areas of the country where quality health services are difficult to access for the general population. In most of the communities served by these health facilities the patient-service provider ratio is very alarming and the health service delivery systems are in a sorry state. Apart from volunteers contributing to the improvement of service delivery in these institutions, the volunteer placement also has some benefits to the volunteer interns.

The volunteer placement provides an opportunity for medical professionals and medical interns to learn about health problems in Africa, such as tropical and infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, learn about medical systems and procedures in Uganda and use the experience to apply for academic medical credits in schools back home.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Receiving and registering patients.
  • Updating medical records.
  • Participate in hospital outreach programs such as immunizations.
  • Going round the wards with nurses/doctors to visit patients.
  • Weighing of children and registering new births.
  • Participate in diagnostic tasks for infections, treatment and related complications.
  • Work on special project in an area of interest such as TB, Malaria, HIV/AIDS and STIs, Maternal and Reproductive health among others.
  • Office and computer work in the administration office.
  • Any other activity/program available during the volunteer placement.

NOTE: The activity each volunteer undertakes will depend on his/her expertise and level of profession.

Open to

  • Pre-meds
  • Nursing students
  • Medical students
  • Students doing medical electives and clinical courses
  • Students of public health
  • Students and medical professionals interested in learning about tropical medicine
  • Medical doctors
  • Nurses
  • Missionaries
  • Health social workers

Desired Volunteer Qualities

  • Open minded, ready to interact with other people of different cultural background
  • Willing to share his/her experiences
  • Flexible to live/stay in simple conditions
  • Flexible to the taste of other foods (local)
  • Very good intercultural communication skills and able to deal with different ethnic groups (all staff are required to speak English but many patients speak Luganda only)
  • Patience and ability to work using few resources and basic facilities.
  • Creative and analytical
Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7