In the context of the Plan, I look forward to serving as a nurse here at Little Angels Aid Ministry serving people living in poverty and adding value as a steward of the Plan and ensuring recognition for the work of Little Angels Aid Ministry. I look forward to working with Little Angels Aid Ministry teams around the world and I would like to thank all of our supporters, donors, partners, staff, volunteers and campaigners for their contributions.

In particular, I thank Mr. Byomugabe John Bosco who did so much to campaign more vigorously and credibly than ever before, consolidate our planning and governance into a single management system and to develop the Confederation over the last three years at the helm of Little Angels Aid Ministry. With the growth in the Confederation and the increase in the number of southern affiliates, we have been able to campaign more vigorously and credibly than ever before on critical global issues. And by anchoring our work in the principles of sustainable development we are helping to enhance well-being for the years ahead.

To name just one of those successes of the past year, the participation of Little Angels Aid Ministry in the partnership approaches with international organizations that will live on as an historic achievement. This I think is crucial in terms of bringing entire all Non-Government Organizations together behind the same development objectives considering the changing climatic scenario.

There are different issues to work on but, I am sure, this issue is paramount important than others which is directly related to livelihoods of one and all.

Our colleagues and partners in our program looked at how the nation was changing and hence came up with a single consolidated strategy by mobilizing people in different groups.

Partnership with people and gender equality at its heart, the plan sets ambitious development goals and defines how partnerships can best contribute to acquiring more ideas regarding development. It was through partnership that a high point of a year that was particularly challenging, with growing global inequality and an unprecedented number of humanitarian crises.

At this moment, I invite you to reflect on the huge range of Little Angels Aid Ministry’s activities, through its emergency response work, skilling, community sensitization, campaigning and development programs, to help people lift themselves out of poverty and find greater equality.

Ms. Nasasira Jovita
Ministry Nurse

Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7