Our Volunteer Program

Our Volunteer Program


There are a variety of volunteer roles within Little Angels Aid Ministry projects, office and partner health facilities- to fit your abilities and interests. Work includes working on Hope Camp, our annual event for vulnerable/ orphaned girls and boys community outreach projects, education and distribution. There are also office based roles, helping in-country staff develop and monitor projects, raise funds, and raise its profile.

Many of these roles can be combined, depending on your interests and skills. Volunteers working in health facilities may perform/assist/observe emergency duties; work in surgery settings, in-patients or out-patients. Pre-med students and other students considering a career in health care will find volunteer experience very helpful in solidifying career choices. Shadowing/ supported clinical roles are available for medical/nursing/dental/AHP students, including elective students.


The Volunteer Program is open to anyone, from 16 years old, from anywhere in the world. Little Angels Aid Ministry runs its volunteer placements throughout the year in its existing partner organizations and health centres.

Objectives of the Little Angels Aid Ministry Volunteer Program

  • To host professional volunteers and those aspiring to be professionals in different fields such as public health, reproductive health, family health, child development, program identification, management and evaluation who can work with Little Angels Aid Ministry to promote its programs.
  • To encourage and assist volunteers who wish to offer their skills and time for the benefits of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in Uganda, as a way of activating the international community against deplorable conditions which children, especially those infected with HIV/AIDS and orphans, endure daily.
  • To facilitate medical professionals and medical interns from the western world with an avenue to learn about health problems in Africa, such as tropical and infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, learn about medical systems and procedures in Uganda and fulfill criteria for certain modules/credits from home institutions.
  • To provide a platform and opportunity to individuals/professionals interested in social development issues to learn about the challenges faced by social transformation efforts in resource limited settings as compared to affluent societies.
  • To host highly skilled volunteer staff who can work with local Little Angels Aid Ministry staff and help improve their skills.
  • To receive volunteer tourists, as part of the ‘Pearl of Africa’ tour, enabling them to explore Uganda, and spend some time observing or working on our projects.


Uganda is a beautiful country, gifted by nature.

Uganda is a beautiful country, gifted by nature. Volunteers may take time off during weekends or after the project to tour around different places in the ‘Pearl of Africa’. Uganda is endowed with a rich natural world, with a variety of flora and fauna, and a variety of wonderful physical features. Some of Uganda’s most enjoyable tourist sites include, the national parks (Queen Elizabeth, Murchison falls, Lake Bunyonyi, Mugahinga forest and Lake Mburo National parks), source of the river Nile (water rafting etc),Bujjagali falls, Lake Victoria, Mountain Gorillas tracking, and the Equator among others.

Trips to these sites can be arranged by Little Angels Safaris Limited team, with local knowledge and not using tour operators, reducing the cost.

How to apply to volunteer with Little Angels Aid Ministry?

Individuals who are interested in volunteering with Little Angels Aid Ministry can do so by sending an email to Little Angels Aid Ministry at:



Little Angels Aid Ministry Program Base Volunteers


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