Who Is John?

Young John Bosco

John Bosco’s life and his Mission to Love and Serve Orphan + at-risk children…

It was that on June 25, I987 when John Bosco was born as a premature. His father died only one year after John’s birth but no one went further than that in predicting the child’s future, leaving her mother Edith Mary to raise John by herself.  She taught him that he is needed to carry his weight and help with the keep of their home.  There were house chores to do, firewood to cut and gather, fields to plow, and crops to tend. Little John tackled the endless work with energy.  Mary taught him that work was a privilege and that joy would make the work lighter. She was a woman of character and tenderness. Fathomless was the love she showed her son, not in coddling words but in deeds; innumerable were the lessons in upright living, Christian fortitude, and fear of God, which she taught by her example. A pillar of goodness.  In his dream, John first heard the voice of the Master calling him to a special assignment.  It was a low insistent voice, an urge that once in a while manifested itself in a sudden outburst, like the time Mary and John were walking along the countryside and met one of the local neighbor age mete who was necked.

John Bosco felt pity of this neighbor boy.” I’m going to surrender some clothes to my friend who is necked and I’m going to take him to our home and we have lunch with him” John Bosco told his mother. “Will he wait until lunch is ready since it’s not prepared yet?” “I will be teaching him how to pray as you taught me meanwhile as lunch will be ready”. John answered the mother Mary. John Bosco invited the boy to their home for lunch. The boy joined the company of John and mother to their home, prayed and had lunch with them.

John gave this boy some of his best clothes. The father to the boy beat the boy severely, put the clothes in the burning fire. “Hello,” cried John Bosco, to be acknowledged only by a curt bow of the head.  Deeply hurt, he complained that the man had hurt his feelings of Charity giving.

“When I grow up,” he told his astonished mother, “I’m going to commence the charity ministry, and I’ll talk to children all the time, and I’ll do everything for them!”

Again the voice urged John to go among the farm boys, not just as a playmate but as a leader.  More than once he came home with a battered cheek or torn shirt and in explanation would say, “But, Mama, those boys aren’t really bad.  They just don’t have a good mother like I have, and they don’t know their catechism, and their parents don’t take them to church. When I’m with them, they behave better. Please, Mama, may I go with them?”

In the night, John dreamt serving the orphans through praying, feeding, clothing and meeting different people of different colours from different locations needing to help orphans. One of the ladies was a fanatic called John, prayed with him, promised to work with him for the better mate of these orphans. The lady, who had appeared in the dream, promised John three things: To continue loving, praying and feeding orphans. The lady also promised John the expansion of his Ministry. Then he commenced the mission of praying for his dream.

Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless. Give clothes to those who need them, and do not hide from who need your help Isaiah 58:7